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Debit Cards

Bank of Sullivan is pleased to offer you the Enhanced Security Chip Debit MasterCard. This enhanced card gives you convenient everyday access to your funds. It can be used for payment on purchases anywhere MasterCard cards are accepted …just like a credit card is accepted; however your purchases will be withdrawn from your Bank of Sullivan checking account. Use it at any of our ATM's to get cash, make transfers or obtain account information. Use it at ATM's worldwide displaying the MasterCard symbol for immediate global access to your money. 

  • Accepted at millions of locations worldwide and it’s easier than carrying lots of cash!
  • Helps you keep track of spending—purchase details appear on your monthly checking statement.
  • Accepted more readily than checks.
  • Incurs no finance charges.
  • Requires no personal ID—it’s private!
  • Can be replaced if lost or stolen.

As an added bonus, look for the MoneyPass symbol to withdraw money surcharge free.

Money Pass Symbol

To report a lost or stolen card contact your local branch or call 1-800-645-3191 during normal business hours, after hours call