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Employment Information

By clicking on, you have opened for yourself access to inside information about how to become an employee of the Bank of Sullivan. With 8 locations we are always looking for the very best those communities have to offer!

The associates at Bank of Sullivan run the gamut. Our ages run from high school to over eighty. Our employees represent diversity in race and nationality. Certainly there can be no doubt that we are an equal opportunity employer!

Directly from the human resources department, here are some important things that you must do to get a job here:

  1. Be honest. If we can’t trust you, we can’t leave the business of our customers in your hands.
  2. Be prepared to keep confidential information strictly to yourself. To break that confidence is, quite possibly, the fastest way to find the door closing behind you.
  3. Look like someone we can trust money to. Dress properly for the interview. It doesn’t have to be a business suit, but try to look like a banker.
  4. For goodness sakes, smile! Our customers can find hundreds of other institutions to bank with, but this is the only one where they can find our friendly employees. We can teach skills, we can’t teach attitude.
  5. Be qualified or trainable. If you don’t have experience, take a course that shows you are interested enough in working here to put some time into it.
  6. Write legibly. If we can’t read your application, forget getting an interview.
  7. Drop off your resume or application in person, and, if possible, directly to human resources. By doing so, it makes you more memorable when it comes time to go through applications.

You see, it’s not that hard to join our banking family! We always accept applications and resumes, and we keep them on file for one year. We will look forward to hearing from you soon!